Virtual Adoptions

Make your Donation to a Cat or Dog with a VIRTUAL ADOPTION

You can make your donation HERE!

Virtually adopt a dog or cat!

When you "virtually adopt" you are NOT taking the animal home with you. You are providing financial support for that animal in your gift. This is how you are paying our good work forward. Maybe your small gift will buy them their next set of vaccines. Maybe your medium sized financial gift will help pay off a portion of their vet bill. Your larger gift can go toward paying the entire vet bill off for that animal while they wait to be adopted into their FOREVER home.

This holiday season, when you make a donation, it will “virtually adopt” a cat and/or dog. If you would like to dedicate this to a special person or for a special occasion, we can add that information too. You or PPI will select an animal in our program and post your gift here. Your generous gift will purchase this homeless animal something from their Wish List. Simply click on the link below to make your donation.

You can see our Wish List HERE!

AND TO READ MORE ABOUT OUR WONDERFUL DONORS. All the animals seen here are animals available for adoption (as of 12.1.15). Consider bringing one home with you this holiday season.