Kroger Community Rewards Card

Kroger Community Rewards

Make money for Planned Pethood just by
shopping at Kroger and using your Kroger Card!

Join Kroger's Community Rewards program today!

Please enroll or re-enroll.
It costs you nothing, but makes money for Planned Pethood.

New participants can enroll at any time. All current participants must re-enroll for the program each year. Kroger will NOT send you a reminder that it is time to re-enroll. In order to earn funds for Planned Pethood you must re-enroll. This will ensure Planned Pethood will continue earning rewards during the following year.

We encourage you to enroll anytime; however, early enrollment will help us grow our rewards immediately and get a bigger check every quarter. On average we earn about $800.00 per month by doing nothing but using our cards when we shop at Kroger.

Thank you!

Click here to enroll in Kroger's Community Rewards Program